Complete Clarity on your perfectly aligned Clients

If you are not 100% clear on your perfectly aligned client right now (even if you already have an established niche), then this is for you.

Aligned Client Clarity is a meditation experience that will have you get closer to identifying your perfectly aligned client than *any* 'client-avatar' exercise you've ever done before.

AND, you will leave with a powerful marketing message that will speak directly to your perfectly aligned client.

Not like any 'client-avatar' exercise you've ever done before!

A gentle 18 minute video meditation that will have you connect with your perfectly aligned client in a brand new way

Journalling prompts that will take your insights out of your head and onto paper

So you can use them to create a powerful marketing message

And know deep-down that you are really working with your people

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Aligned Client Clarity£7

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Here's What's included:


Powerful Video Meditation with subtitles

An audio only version

Beautiful journal questions to take your insights out of your head and onto the paper

Repurpose your journal answers into a powerful marketing message that speaks directly to your aligned client

BONUS: Access to the Client and Student only group: Business For the Soul Community

What They are Saying:

"Amazing, eye-opening moments"

"I loved the clarity it gave me over my messaging"

"Eye-opening and empowering"